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Trier - Palais Kesselstatt

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Trier - Porta NigraThe way to the Champagne region led through Trier and Luxembourg to Reims. Trier, the Roman name was Treverorum Augusta, with the famous Porta Nigra, a Roman city gate which was built about 180 past Chr., ideal for a first break after the long drive.

The Roman name Augusta Treverorum suggests that the city was built in the area of the Celtic tribe of the Treveri. Trier, famous for its Roman monuments, has a pretty town with buildings dating from the medieval and early modern period.Trier - Main Market

Trier - Church St. PaulinYou must not miss the baroque church of St. Paulin, situated a little outside the center. The outside is a little insignificant looking, but the church is characterized by its elaborate baroque interior.

Trier - CathedralTrier has owned several churches, including the Cathedral of St. Peter and the Church of Our Lady directly attached to it. If you stroll through the cathedral it takes you on a journey through the different eras – from Late Antiquity to the Baroque.

The most impressive of the Roman Monuments is certainly the Porta Nigra. This building is not in vain repeatedly shown in the context of Trier. While visiting the other Roman buildings you will need some imagination to get an idea of ​​how their use might have looked like. In the amphitheater, the seats unfortunately do not exist any more – there are certainly better preserved theatres, like that of Verona, Italy or Arles, France. At the Imperial Baths, it is helpful to know that the building was never used as a thermal bath and was never finished as planned finished.Trier - Imperial Baths

You definitely have to visit the Rhenish state museum. All who deal with Roman history can see here often depicted sculptures in the original, such as the Schools relief and the Neumagens vinaceous boat. Also you can see besides many other sculptures, tombs, etc. some beautiful mosaics. In nice weather we recommend a stroll along the Moselle.

Trier - Old Harbour Cranesyou can find two Old Harbour Cranes at the Krahnenufer, which were used to load and unload the boats.

You should plan at least a day or two for a visit to Trier, as a visit to the Rhenish state museum is highly recommended. Especially for history buffs.

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