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Trier – not only Roman heritage

The way to the Champagne region led through Trier and Luxembourg to Reims. Trier, the Roman name was Treverorum Augusta, with the famous Porta Nigra, a Roman city gate which was built about 180 past Chr., ideal for a first break after the long drive. The Roman name Augusta Treverorum suggests that the city was […]

Welcome to - Rummi on Tour

My owners are always on tour and so I get quite a lot to see. It’s about from culture to nature, and sometimes I can go a little bit faster - but unfortunately not as fast as I'd like.
In my blog I would like to tell you about my trips and give you some tips for your own journeys. Maybe I can give you some hidden gems too – I hope so.
I would be happy if I you would send me your tips for trips. You know, world is big and I can't be everywhere.
Please write to me how you liked my tips and the ones you want to share with others.


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Klare Nacht
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